Submission Invitation to South Eastern European Journal of Public Health (SEEJPH), Special Section “Women in Health Leadership”


  • Kasia Czabanowska
  • Ines Siepmann


Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing a Special Section on “Women in Health Leadership”. The destination is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal that publishes articles, communications, short reports, and letters in the interdisciplinary area of public health.  For detailed information about the journal, we refer you to

The Special Section on “Women in Health Leadership” will welcome case studies, book recommendations or short biographies and narratives of transformational female leaders who have made a strong impact on the improvement of health at individual, community or system level. We would especially like to encourage the contributions from low and middle-income countries, conflict zones and low resource areas. Since the Special Section is a part of the South Eastern European Journal of Public Health naturally, it will be a perfect venue for female researchers from the Balkan countries to publish their scholarship on health leadership.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the light the depth of social and economic inequalities across the globe. It has been striking how the blend of evidence-based practice with empathy and sensitivity to inequalities often manifested by women leaders proved to be a successful approach in fighting the pandemic. This Special Section will support the advancement of the theory and practice of female leadership in health. It will welcome research and theory development on gender, gender bias, beliefs, diverse leadership in health, stereotypes, and how to overcome them as well as hindrances and facilitators to women leadership, leadership governance models and transformational leadership. It also aims to be a home for research on organisational and gender hierarchies, new frameworks of career development for women leaders in health as well policy formulation and policy change. This Special Section aims to bring together evidence and narratives on these issues to generate solutions that will contribute to attaining equality in leadership roles irrespective of complex contextual barriers.

We hope that this section will contribute to advancing women leadership styles and approaches in relation to health in different cultures and contexts for the future. The open call is on a rolling basis and contributions are accepted at any time. Manuscripts which have passed the review process will be published in continuous sequence as part of the spring and autumn volumes of SEEJPH. For original articles a reduced fee of 100 EURO will be requested before publication and for review articles 50 EURO; all other formats are free of charge.

Submissions should be made through the online manuscript submission and editorial system at  or by mail to Ms. Ines Siepmann ( For further details on the submission process, please see the instructions for authors at the journal website


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards,  

Katarzyna Czabanowska

Section Editor


Ines Siepmann

Assistant Section Editor

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