Trends and demographic characteristics of hemorrhagic stroke in Albania during the period 2004-2015

Petrit Gjorgji, Jera Kruja


Aim: Our aim was to describe the trend over time and the demographic distribution of hemorrhagic stroke in Albania in the past decade.

Methods: This study included all patients diagnosed with hemorrhagic stroke and admitted during the period 2004-2015 at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” in Tirana (988 cases overall; 34% women; overall mean age: 57.8±19.3 years). Information about selected demographic characteristics was also collected for all study participants.  

Results: The proportion of older patients (≥70 years) was slightly, but not significantly, higher in women than in men (32% vs. 27%, respectively; P=0.163). Furthermore, the proportion of Tirana residents was similar in both sexes (47% in men vs. 45% in women). Overall, there was evidence of a significant linear trend over time (Mann-Kendall test: P<0.01), indicating a gradual increase in the number of hemorrhagic stroke cases in Albania for the period 2004-2015.

Conclusion: This study provides useful information about the increasing trend of hemorrhagic stroke in Albania, a transitional country in Southeastern Europe which is characterized by rapid changes including unhealthy dietary habits.   


Albania, cerebrovascular disease, hemorrhagic stroke, time trend, Western Balkans.

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DOI: 10.4119/UNIBI/SEEJPH-2016-123

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