THE GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH CURRICULUM: Specific Global Health Competences

Ulrich Laaser (editor)


The 2nd edition of the Global Public Health Curriculum has been published in the South Eastern European Journal of Public Health, end of 2016 as a special volume (editors Ulrich Laaser & Florida Beluli) at: The curriculum targets the postgraduate education and training of public health professionals including their continued professional development (CPD). However, specific competences for the curricular modules remained to be identified in a more systematic approach. To that end from the international literature the following references have been used as a general orientation:
A) Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Resource Group, GHEC Committee, India: Global health essential core competencies. At:
B) Dias M. Et al.: Global Health Competencies for UK Health Professionals. TECHNICAL REPORT · SEPTEMBER 2015. At:
C) Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH): The Global Health Competency model. At:
D) World Health Organisation (WHO): WHO GLOBAL COMPETENCY MODEL. At:
E) Jogerst K et al.: Identifying Interprofessional Global Health Competencies for 21st Century. At:

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