Connect your ORCID iD

Dear Authors of SEEJPH,

you can now connect your author profile in our journal with your ORCID iD and make your publications more visible and your publication management easier. We encourage you to make use of this powerful tool. If you are not familiar with ORCID yet please find more information at the end at Why should I get an ORCID iD and connect with ORCID?.

How can I connect my SEEJPH's author profile with my ORCID iD?

Login to our journal at with your SEEJPH username and password. After login click on your user name on the top right and select "View Profile". Click on the tab "Public" and click on the badge "Create or Connect your ORCID iD" you will find a little further down. After clicking on the badge, please login at ORCID with your ORCID username / password or register at ORCID, if you don't have an ORCID iD yet.

In the next step you will have to authorize "BieJournals - Bielefeld University Library" to "add/update your research activities (works, affiliations, etc.)". BieJournals is the journal platform, where SEEJPH is published. This step is necessary for the initial connection between our journal and ORCID and has to be done only once. When you have clicked on "Authorize access" your author profile will be connected to your ORCID iD. You will see a small green "iD" icon next to your ORCID iD in your author's profile page in our journal. If you don't see this icon, something has gone wrong. Please try again or contact us, if you have any troubles.

If you have connected your author profile in our journal with your ORCID iD in this way, all your articles that will be published in our journal in the future will be pushed to your publication list at ORCID. In order to complete the connection we will have to authenticate your ORCID iD once. When your next article will be published in our journal you will receive an email, where you will be asked to authenticate your ORCID iD, so it can be connected to the article and the article can be pushed to ORCID. When this is done, you will see the small green iD icon next to your name on the front door of the article (like in this example) and you will see the article in your publication list at ORCID (only the bibliographical information is pushed to ORCID, not the PDF itself).

Can I push my articles, which already have been published in SEEJPH, to my ORCID publication list?

It is possible to push articles to ORCID, which already have been published, but the procedure is still quite complicated. That's why we can't offer this service yet for all authors. If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

Can I push articles from other authors to my ORCID publication list?

No, that's not possible. Your ORCID iD and your publication list at ORCID are always connected to you. That's why you can't push articles from other authors to your publication list at ORCID.

Can I add articles manually to my ORCID publication list?

Yes, that's possible. Please find information about adding articles to your ORCID publication list directly at ORCID. Please keep in mind: Articles which have been pushed to your ORCID publication list from the SEEJPH (or from other sources, which offer a "push-connection" to ORCID) always have complete and correct bibliographical information (author names, title, publication year) and are also updated automatically, if there are any changes in the article's bibliographical information (like changes to the URL or the title of the article). If you add articles manually you have to enter all metadata by hand and you have to update articles by hand, too. That's why we advise you, to make use of the ORCID connection whenever possible and benefit from the automatically transfer / update.

Can I remove the connection from my SEEJPH author profile to ORCID again?

The connection can only be removed by the journal administrator. If you want to remove the connection from your author profile to ORCID, please contact us.

Why should I get an ORCID iD and connect with ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a standard for unambiguously matching academic authors to their respective publications and is established worldwide. An ORCID registration makes your publication data management easier, it helps to strengthen the international visibility of your publications and meets the requirements of publishers and research funders.

The ORCID iD as persistent identifier allows, e.g. in case of identical names, name changes or name variants, the clear differentiation of author names. It can be used anywhere in the world and depicts affiliation changes throughout individual academic careers. Thus, it contributes to better visibility of authors and their publications, and more and more publishers and funding organisations are demanding that authors provide an ORCID iD.

Learn more about the benefits of having an ORCID iD at